ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Vice President of Ministries: Chris Haylett

My Goals  -

I’m beginning with my goals because I think these are what are most important in my campaign.  If you vote me into office, my history and the qualifications that I talk about having won’t matter close to as much as what I actually doSo here are my main goals as VP of Ministries here at SPU:

Easier and more visible ministry involvement opportunities
I think we really need to make it easier to get involved here at SPU! The only way I've ever gotten involved in service opportunities here is through knowing the right people. I think this needs to change. We need better on-ramps for joining up with and getting involved in ministries here. One way I think we could do this would be to create a webpage with links on who to contact or information on who's doing what. That way students can get linked in easier. But really, I think the big thing is getting ministries more out there in general. We need to raise awareness of what's going on here. All of us students know of our motto of "engaging the culture and changing the world", but I don't think the ways that we can be a part of that are always very visible. Also, we need our ministries to play off of each other so we don't get stuck in bubbles, which brings me to my next point.

Unity in our ministries and spiritual focus here at SPU
As VPM I would work on making ministries more intertwined and related. I want to humbly promote active cooperation between ministries. Often, people serve or participate in just one ministry on campus. Lots of people go to Group, but the buck stops there. I don’t see Group linking people into other ministries super often too. This goes for all of the ministries here. From the outside everyone seems to be doing their own thing a fair amount of the time. As VPM, I would encourage ministry leaders to be aware of what their colleagues are doing and to provide active encouragement, support, and promotion. I want our coordination to be visible.  Publicity is key in getting people involved, and what better way to publicize for a ministry than to talk about it to those who are already looking to be a part of the spiritual atmosphere of SPU and participating in things like Group.

Provide SMCs with more support and connect PAs
Another thing that I hope to accomplish is to bridge a gap that I see between res life and res ministries. I think that if we could better connect PAs and SMCs, we could make a lot more progress in ministry and in motivating those in dorms to be involved with the ministries of their school. There sometimes appears to be a disconnect between res life and the SMC program and I’m not completely sure why this is.  I believe though that with more mere suggestions of fellow participation from student’s leaders, we could see an increase in awareness of what’s going on and, ultimately, in participation. The hardest part about serving in ministry is often getting involved in the first place. I believe a simple “Hey, I’m going to Group! Any 4th Hill guys want to come?” could go a long way and that if both the SMC and the PA encouraged such things, and made sure to be involved themselves when they could, we would see that reflect positively on the dorms.  I want to make sure the SMCs feel support in their ministry role on their floors.

UNITE!  OUR lasting legacy.
My last and most important goal involves the program of Unite that we currently have going on here at SPU. In case you are not aware of what Unite is, it is basically a movement that ASSP has chosen to pursue for the year against human trafficking. In this, all of SPU as a whole, (students, professors, staff, etc.) can find a common purpose and can, well, unite against a central issue. All of the separate ministry groups, the different dorms, all of us can join forces behind one cause. Unite ends this year though. Once the year is over, we go back to how we were before. I want to change that. I want us to leave a legacy at SPU. I want us to create this program that every year adopts one issue for the WHOLE of SPU to unite behind. This year it's fighting human trafficking, next year it could be clean water or any other cause of injustice or poverty that pervades our world. I want to see all of SPU behind one thing, with one common and concrete goal to engage the culture and change the world.  I want us to collectively own the change that we make in the issue that we adopt.  There is nothing more powerful than unity in the body of Christ. That's why unity is my focus in this campaign.

You can find three primary things behind all that I’m campaigning for: unity, visibility, and purpose.

Why I am campaigning -

I am campaigning for this position because I this is the area of ASSP where my greatest passion lies.  My faith is central to my life; in fact, my faith is what led me to SPU in the first place.  I am a Global Development Studies major and I want to do missions work in southern Africa later on in my life.  When I first saw SPU and its focus on “engaging the culture and changing the world”, well, I fell in love with it.  I immediately knew that this was where God wanted me; I was so confident of this that I didn’t even bother finishing my applications to any other schools.
I also know ASSP and the students of SPU.  I am currently the Emerson Hall Senator, so I have a taste of many different areas that our student body acts in.  I know dorm life well, I know how student government works, and I know about ministry and faith both here within SPU and outside our borders in the city around us.  My biggest two passions in life are my faith/relationship with God and politics.  This position is honestly the best fit for me out of any other position that I could have here at SPU right now.
So yea, I love the spiritual focus of SPU, but I do see ways that we can improve our ministries, our unity, and how we “engage the culture and change the world”, both within our school and in our city and beyond.  I see a need for a strong leader over ministries as a whole here.  We have a fair amount of ministries here at SPU that are doing all sorts of things (8 individual ministry programs, to be exact), but I think we need people who can get the student body of SPU really behind the ministries and can conversely get ministries more visible and connected with the students of our university.  I believe that I have certain skills and ideas that I can bring to the table that can really change how effective and participatory our ministries are here at SPU.  I want an opportunity to serve at this school in a spiritual capacity beyond just being a participant in certain services and some ministries.  I want to serve a meaningful role here.  I want to be a part of making things happen at the school that I’ve come to love.  I also desire to take this position on in my life as a ministry in and of itself.  Ultimately, this is a chance for me to make a difference around myself; a chance that I dearly wish to pursue.

A Picture of My Experience & Qualifications -

Out of all the ASSP positions, this is one that I am not only passionate about, but also somewhat familiar with.  I have served in faith-based leadership several times before.  In high school I was made the leader of youth outreach for my church.  I planned events and told other church leaders what I thought they needed to do to reach the teens of my town.  That service definitely gave me some great skills and knowledge that would be useful as VP of Ministries.  I know how to reach people, how to interact with them and plan things that make them feel like they’re really a part of something bigger than themselves.  I’ve also been involved in holistic ministries to homeless, to youth, and in volunteering at my church over my time here at SPU (both in Seattle, back home in Yelm, and in Olympia).  Another skill I possess is that of leadership.  In high school I was a team captain on my soccer team one year, I was VP of my choir, I led worship at my church; leadership is something that I’m familiar with. I can motivate and rally people in faith and service.  Also, I’m all about thinking outside of the box and creatively resolving problems.  I see a problem and I ponder it until I’ve found a solution.  Because of my creativity, I typically come up with ideas that people didn’t previously consider.  As VPM, I understand that I would be meeting with a lot of ministry leaders and discussing ways of improving their outreach or just their ministry in general, listening to their needs, and just keeping things running well.  This is great for me, because I am really good at getting things going; at administrating creatively and working with people to consistently create improvement.  I throw ideas out, refine them with help from those I serve with, and then contact people and make things happen.  Also, I can step back when necessary and let people take things and run with them.  In ministry, sometimes having too many leaders is a bad thing.  I’m a guy who won’t always have to be a leader in every situation, but who will always serve.  I understand that service is at the heart of this position.

Vote Chris, Vote Unity