ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities: Brooks Bolsinger

Hello SPU! My name is Brooks Bolsinger, and I would love to have the honor of representing all of you as the next Vice President of Campus Activities. College is a time for self-discovery and adventure,--and not only in the classroom! If elected, I am committed creating an environment to all students to explore and discover new passions and ambitions.

I decided to run for this position for a few reasons: first off, I love SPU. I have been blessed to find a home here, and have been so overwhelmed by the incredible communities, campus-wide activities, and tremendous communities that I have been a part of. However, I believe that there is always room for improvement. I very much believe that SPU, and ASSP, can do a better job at making every student feel like they are encouraged and supported to do what they love. As VPCA, I want to renovate how clubs function so that everybody has a way to not only get involved in our school and follow their passions, but feel supported by the student government that oversees them. I hope to see ORP expanded and improved in order to better explore our fantastic backyard. And I want each and every student to feel like they belong, are valued, and part of a thriving and energetic community.

Thus, my three main goals for this upcoming campaign are:

1.) To Create and Maintain a Culture of Support for Clubs
As VPCA, I very much want to not only oversee club activity, but support any person's ambitions as well. I believe that college is a time for incredible self-discovery; an opportunity to not only follow your passions and interests that have been unattainable in the past, but to learn about the passions of your fellow peers. In my experience with SPU, I have perceived that the school has done a wonderful job at overseeing how the clubs function, and ensuring that all clubs function within the limits outlined in the established bylaws for campus organizations, but could improve how the the school supports them to attain success. I want to work with the Committee for Student Clubs (CSC) and the members of the ASSP leadership in order to assure that all clubs feel that they are completely backed by their student government, both financially and otherwise. Whether a club wants to hold an event, start a proposal, or work on attracting new members, it is my aspiration to assure that each club president and every club member feels that they can trust and be supported by ASSP.

2.) Dramatically Expand the Outdoor Recreation Program
Another main aspect of my campaign revolves around the Outdoor Recreation Program at ASSP, which is entering into its second year. This small organization is incredibly important to me, as I believe that SPU could have one of the premier outdoor programs on the west coast. I have personally worked in the outdoors alongside members of the Point Loma Great Escapes program and the APU High Sierra program this past summer while working at a high adventure camp just outside of Yosemite National Park, and have an extensive background in both exploring nature and guiding others into the backcountry. What's more, I have a vision that will assure the students will get the most out of this program in the future. This involves moving the Outdoor Recreation Program into it's own dedicated space, expanding its inventory, and working with the school administration to create a student expedition program.

3.) Promote School-Wide Unity through Campus Activities
Finally, I want to make SPU students feel like they belong here. SPU does an already sensational job at promoting dorm and and floor communities, and that helps to provide a sense of welcome that permeates the campus. However, I hope that through my term as VPCA, I will have the opportunity to continue to bring the school together as a whole. I aim to continue to provide the students of SPU with tremendous campus-wide activities that will not only be a source of fun, but a way in which every student can connect and be united with their fellow students. Whether these events are already established events, such as Tradition and Homecoming, or newly created activities, such as Humans v. Zombies, my hope is that every student can find a way to be a part of and connected to this vibrant community of students here at SPU.