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The only way to access the SPU server is to "FTP" to it. To "FTP" or File Transfer Protocol means to transfer or upload your files to the web server. If you are using software, like Contribute or Dreamweaver, you will need to setup the FTP (or "Create a Connection") section so that you can publish your changes.

Below is the basic configuration. It may look a bit different from what you're seeing on your setup screens. If you get lost, please contact the CIS HelpDesk and they can help walk through the rest of the process.
How To:

FTP Configuration

Host Name/Host Address:
File Path: /users-web/[your username]
Local Folder: Make it a folder on your computer that you can get to and remember easily.
Username: [accounts username (before the "" part of your email)]
Password: [accounts password (the same for your email)]

Other Items Your FTP Program May Ask For

Host Type: Automatic
HTTP Address:[your username]

For instructions for using an Internet Browser to FTP (Our Recommended Choice), See Accessing SPU Resources for Information

Common Problems:

If you use iWeb to create your website, you may need to download an FTP Program to upload your website into your webspace. Programs such as Cyberduck or Transmit are effective for file transfer.

In Internet Explorer 7 to view your space and move wiles using drag-and-drop methods, you will need to log in and then select Page -> Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

Last Updated: 5/11/2011