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SPU provides a centralized telephone system for faculty, staff and student phone service. Local phone calls are free for employees and on-campus residential students.

These are the on-campus prefixes:

  • 206-281-2000/2999 Office and Departments
  • 206-286-6100/6399 Campus Housing
  • 206-286-6900/7399 Campus Housing
  • 206-378-5000/5499 Campus Offices, Departments and Housing

Campus Emergency calls should go to SPU Campus Security. They are able to quickly respond to any campus location and will contact local police or medical responders as needed.

  • From on-campus telephones, dial 2911 for campus emergencies
  • Off-campus telephones, dial 206-281-2911 to reach SPU Campus Security
  • Non-Emergency calls to Campus Security should dial 2922 or 206-281-2922
  • [Note: You are allowed to dial 9-1-1 (universal emergency dialing) from campus phones, however the call will be routed to off-campus emergency dispatchers that may not be as familiar with on-campus buildings as the SPU Campus Security department.]
On-campus calling requires only the last four digits.
How To:

Dialing instructions:

  • 2911 for Campus Security
  • 2000 for SPU campus information (SUB Unicom Desk)
  • 9 + 7-digit or 10-digit number for off campus, local calls
  • The last 4 digits for on-campus SPU phone numbers
  • 9 + 1 + 800 (or 888, 866, 877) + number for toll-free calls
  • 9 + 0 + area Code + number + calling card number at tone for long distance.
  • 9 + 00 + calling card number at tone for international calls.

Office Telephones
Multi-line telephone sets are provided in most faculty and staff offices. These are special purpose phones connected to a centralized telephone system supported by CIS. CIS provides maintenance, feature modifications and changes, and phone relocations. Special purpose telephone service for modems, conference rooms or FAX machines can also be provided.

Programming Your Harris Digital Telephone (office telephones only)

Residence Hall Telephones
Most residence hall rooms are provided a telephone line with free local calling service, plus a single-line telephone set. There is generally only one location in the residence hall room or apartment where the phone is activated. CIS provides maintenance on the telephone line and the phone set. A personally provided single-line telephone set is generally compatible with the campus phone system.
Common Problems:
Telephone service must be specially configured to work on the jack location where the phone set will be installed. If telephone equipment has been relocated, please try the phone set in another jack location. Many phone jacks are labeled with the 10-digit telephone number assigned to the room location. Similarly, network jacks in residence hall locations often have a yellow label indicating an ethernet network connection.

If the line cord (the wire from the wall-to-the-phone) is worn or damaged, please contact the CIS HelpDesk for a replacement.

If the telephone set is broken or damaged, please contact us for service or a replacement.
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