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Verify you are using Outlook 2013 by opening the application and go to Help - About. Most students, faculty and staff can upgrade to Outlook 2013 (a part of Microsoft Office 2013) under terms of our license agreement with Microsoft.


  • Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Outlook 2010 with the latest Microsoft Office and Windows updates.
  • Broadband Connection (Cable Modem or DSL, not dial-up modem)
  • Internet Explorer 8 or 9

How To:
  1. Open Outlook from the Start Menu and press Next.

  2. Make sure the option Yes is selected and press Next

  3. Enter your Full Name and email address "" and password.
    Select Next.

  4. Outlook will auto-configure your email account and upon completion allow you to click finish

Outlook is now configured for use on or off campus. If ever prompted to log in, use your full email address and password.

Common Problems:

You may see a Security Alert message open during Outlook Configuration. Press Yes to proceed anyway.

Note: When first using this service, please note the following:

  • The initial folder synchronization when Outlook starts up may take 5-10 minutes. This process ensures the messages in your Outlook mailbox reflect what is on our email server.
  • Due to the large amount of data being transferred, other tasks on your computer or network may experience slowness while the mailbox is being downloaded. Please have patience.

Last Updated: 11/27/2012