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Microsoft Exchange provides Public Folders as a means for groups or individuals to share information with other people within the organization. SPU provides a number of Public Folders for individual departments and groups. These Public Folders are storage areas accessible to Outlook and Webmail users. This feature is also useful for sharing attachments in one place rather than forwarding them to multiple users.
How To:

View Public Folders:

  1. Open to the Go menu.
  2. Select Folder List

Alternatively, you can open the Folder List view by clicking on the Folder List icon in the lower left of the Outlook window.

This will allow you to view the directory of public folders. Open the folder to view items contained in it. Remember, Public Folders access is determined by your SPU Username permissions.

Common Problems:

Permission restrictions:

Permissions for access to Public Folders are determined by employee designation and CIS system administrators. To gain access to a Public Folder, please contact the CIS Helpdesk.

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Last Updated: 3/11/2010