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Email forwarding tells our email service to send all your incoming messages to an address of your choosing. This forwarding setting will run whether or not you log in to your SPU email account. Email forwarding is not allowed for current faculty and staff and not recommended for current students. However, many former students find email forwarding beneficial.

All official university business communication is sent to your SPU email address and forwarding your SPU email to another address can cause delivery problems.  CIS will not be able to asisst with delivery problems from other email services.

How To:

Forward Your SPU Mail

  1. To forward email from your SPU email to a different account, log into Banner.
  2. Click on the Personal Menu.
  3. Click on Computer Accounts Menu
  4. Select Forward Your E-mail
  5. Enter the desired email address and click Forward.

Unforward Your SPU Mail

  1. To unforward your SPU email, or to update your forwarding address, log into Banner.
  2. Click on the Personal Menu
  3. Click on Computer Accounts Menu
  4. Select Unforward Your E-mail
  5. This completes the unforward process.

It is highly recommended that you carefully test any changes you have made to email forwarding. Send multiple messages to your SPU account to confirm that they are being routed properly. Sometimes forwarded mail is tagged as spam and routed to the "junk mail" folder. You may also need to check there for forwarded messages.

Common Problems:

Setting email to forward using this method will not forward messages already in your Inbox. This email forwarding will only route new, incoming messages to your forwarding address. SPU will not have to ability to deal with lost or deleted email that have been forwarded as messages will not be stored on SPU servers.

Some email providers may have difficulty handling forwarded messages, may incorrectly tag them as spam, or may delete them entirely. Please use caution when forwarded your SPU email.

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Last Updated: 2/23/2012