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CIS keeps a limited amount of supplemental audio visual (AV) equipment on hand in support of functions that involve academic instruction and official university events. This equipment is available for pickup from the CIS HelpDesk. Reservations must be made in advance and require one (1) business day advance notice. Checkout equipment is provided for self-service pick-up, setup, and return.

AV checkout equipment is intended to be used outside of technology-enriched classrooms and only on an occasional basis. If supplemental equipment is needed within a classroom on an on-going basis, additional coordination with CIS is necessary. Please carefully review the Audio Visual Equipment Checkout Policy prior to making a reservation.
How To:
Make A Reservation Here! The following information is required at the time of reservation; omissions may delay your reservation's confirmation.
  1. Your name
  2. Your SPU email address
  3. Your phone number
  4. Intended use of the equipment, including a brief description of the event
  5. Location the equipment will be used
  6. Time of pick up and return time
  7. Select Equipment

Please Note: You will receive a confirmation email from CIS once your request is approved and entered in our system. Denials will also be communicated via emai. Please review the confirmation details to determine if any discrepancies exist with your order. Please do not assume your equipment is reserved in our system until such time that you receive and review the formal response from CIS.

CIS provides equipment packages that should meet typical usage. If you need additional components (extension cords, network cables, etc.) please indicate this in your media equipment reservation. Refer to our Portable Equipment page for a list of available equipment and for insight as to what components work together.
Common Problems:
Audio Visual Training
If you are unsure about the operation of the equipment, please contact the CIS HelpDesk in advance to arrange for an informal training session. CIS staff will not be available for training at the time of equipment pickup without prior arrangement.

Media Conversion: Instructional Technology Services (ITS) provides a media conversion service for faculty, staff, and students who want to convert media. VHS, Mini-DV, DVD, slides, and transparencies can be converted into digital (electronic) format, edited, or transferred to other media. Content can also be made ready for digital use straight on a computer. Please contact Instructional Technology Services at 206-281-2170 to discuss this service or to learn more about using digital media with PowerPoint for educational purposes.
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Last Updated: 2/17/2011