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Single Sign On allows users to log into many online services once instead of multiple times. For example logging in once with your SPU Username and Password can also log you into at least two or more applications at the same time.

On SPU Owned computers, your credentials are able to be entered automatically.

How To:

When on a service that uses Single Sign On, you will be directed to a login page to enter your SPU Username and Password and returned to the service you want to use. You will then be logged into that service as well as any other service that uses Single Sign On.

You may also go to login with your SPU Username and Password, then navigate to the SPU Online Service you want to use.

If do not know your SPU Username and Password go to FindMyID for assistance.

What Online Services use Single Sign On?

Go to SPU Online Services for a complete list of services.

Common Problems

Need help logging in?
If you cannot remember your SPU Username or Password visit the FindMyID page or click the Need Help link from any login page for assistance 24/7.

The SPU Username and Password controls access to many different campus resources, including: Banner, Webmail, Blackboard, SPU Download Center, access the SPU Network, Departmental Shares, all desktop/office/lab computers. Changing your SPU Username or Password will affect each of these services.

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Last Updated: 10/10/2013