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Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in
Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM)

Study Abroad

As part of the Master of Arts in Management with a specialization in Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM) program in SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics, you’ll travel to India, China, or other developing or emerging markets with fellow students and faculty. There you’ll learn about responsible and sustainable business from a global perspective. In addition to on-site visits to local businesses, the two-week tour will include a variety of cultural activities.

Read on for a firsthand account from one of the participants on a MAM-SSM study abroad tour to India and China:


New Delhi: The first city in India we visited was New Delhi, and we spent our first two days touring the city on the back of rickshaws and visiting the Taj Mahal. But never fear, we did manage to squeeze some business into our 3 1⁄2 days as well.

At the Teri Institute, we met with professors who were leading a similar master’s degree program and exchanged ideas about creating lasting social and sustainable change in the world. The editor of a local Christian magazine, the only bilingual magazine in the city, also visited us to discuss how he overcomes challenges and adversity in order to spread his message of hope.

Bangalore: Our next stop was Bangalore, a technological hub for the country. The city was introduced to us by Collin Timms, CEO of Guardian Bank, a Christian social enterprise geared toward providing microloans to the poor. 

For the rest of the week, our tour guides at the Institute of Experiential Learning took us to an Aegis (an Indian call center), the Daily Dump (a social business aimed at reducing waste), and BabaJob (a web and mobile start-up connecting employers and BOP informal sector workers). While we were sad to leave India (the new home of a few in our group), we packed up to head to more adventures in China!


Shanghai: After spending several days in India, we flew north and began our adventure in the Middle Kingdom. Our first destination in China was Shanghai, a vibrant multicultural and well-developed port city.

Directly from the airport we were exposed to the city’s advanced technological infrastructure, boarding the city’s magnetic levitation train, which reaches speeds up to 200 km/hour. During our days in Shanghai, we stayed in the historic Astor House hotel, which has housed many notable figures such as Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, and (now) the 2011 MAM-SSM Cohort! We visited a Nike distribution center on the outskirts of the city and saw operation management in action. One evening, we feasted in the Pearl Tower’s rotating restaurant that gave us a panoramic view of the Bund.

Beijing: In Beijing we discovered China’s bitter cold and its fine cuisine. Dr. LaBrie, or Lao Ban as we affectionately named him, led us through the city he knew so well. In the capital city, we climbed the Great Wall, saw an acrobatic performance, visited the Summer Palace and Forbidden City, and took a night trip to Tiananmen Square. At Microsoft in Beijing we got a tour of the extensive Beijing campus. We also had a delicious meal with David Lin, a US ex-pat working for the computer company. David provided valuable insight into living and working in another country as well as the large role his faith plays in the experience

A Global Adventure

Our three-week blitz of India and China was an eclectic and vibrant mix of tastes, sights, sounds, experiences, and lessons learned. From the constant but friendly honking of busy Indian streets to the savory mouth-watering bliss of real Chinese food, MAM-SSM enjoyed it all. Though in the end we were sad to say goodbye to our adventures in foreign lands, reaching American soil after eight flights and nineteen days of travel never felt so good.



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Study Abroad
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MAM-SSM Study Abroad

One of the most popular features of the MAM-SSM program is its three-week study abroad trip to India and China. From a Nike distribution center to the Great Wall of China, you’ll experience both the business and cultural highlights firsthand.

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“Challenging experiences create the biggest impact in our lives. Looking back I realize how much MASSM transformed my life. Strangers became my teammates, traveling buddies, and then my friends. Students and faculty worked together to help each of us get to the finish line. We learned about the value of businesses supporting human flourishing, a different way of doing business, especially while traveling in India and China. Another highlight was learning how to network, interview and land a job! If you are looking for an experience that will transform your life, stop looking, MAM-SSM is it!
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