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Program Outline: Master of Education (MEd) in Teacher Leadership

You can complete this degree in two years. You'll also need to create a Portfolio and pass a Comprehensive Examination.

Course Listing

Foundations and Research (12 credits)

  • Moral Issues in Education (3)
  • Human Development and Principles of Learning (3)
  • Action Research in School Settings (3)
  • Applying Action Research in School Settings (3)

Teacher Leadership Focus (15 credits)

  • Accomplished Teaching (3)
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching (3)
  • Leadership in Education (3)
  • Engaging Communities (3)
  • Teacher Leadership Capstone (3)

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Focus (12 credits)

  • Curriculum Design (3)
  • Survey of Instructional Strategies (3)
  • Standards-Based Assessment (3)
  • Any 6000-level EDTC course (3)

Elective options (6 credits)

  • American Education: Past and Present (3)
  • Any 6000-level EDRD course (3)
  • Any 6000-level EDSP course (3)
  • Any 6000-level EDTC course (3)
  • Washington State ProTeach Certification (4 credits through CPE)
  • National Board Certification (4 credits through CPE)

Portfolio Presentation

Choose electives from graduate level education courses or professional education courses. Some non-education courses are also acceptable with written permission from the offering department.

Total required credits for degree: 45

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