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Program Outline: Alternate Routes to Certification Online-QSI

Certification Component

The Certification component of this program consists of 45 credits and is known for its intensity.

You will progress through this component as part of a cohort begining with 10-12 credits in Summer quarter. The online coursework includes classes in general teaching methods and classroom management. You continue throughout the year taking 10-13 credits of coursework per quarter. These incorporate field-based and online courses. Field-based credits will be based on your teaching assignment in your school setting.

SPU will offer online courses which will continue throughout Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. The program’s curriculum includes foundational knowledge in the field of education, educational issues, assessment, diversity, and other courses in curriculum and instruction.

All credits offered in the program are graduate level.


The Internship is a vital, integrative experience in which non-certified teachers are paired with experienced mentors who conduct supervised teaching in a school setting. The mentor, either an experienced teacher or administrator, will advise, instruct, and supervise you throughout the school year.

MAT Degree Component

Five non-certification classes (15 credits) comprise the master’s degree component of the program. You may complete this coursework online, during or after the certification component.

Required Courses (sample)

Specific course requirements will depend on your area of endorsement.

Residency Teacher Certification Component (45 credits)
Master's Degree Component (15 credits, denoted by asterisk)

Offered Every Quarter, Can be Taken Year I or Year II
EDSP 6644 Educating Exceptional Students (3)*
EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education (3)*
EDU 6120 American Education: Past and Present (3)*

Summer I  
EDU 6132 Learners in Context (3)   
EDU 6150 General Inquiry, Teaching and Assessment Methods (3)   
EDU 6524 Curriculum Design (3)*   
EDU 6918 Introduction to Teaching (2)   
Autumn I  
EDU 6130 Classroom Management (3)   
EDU 6134 Professional Issues/ Abuse (2)   
EDU 6160 Applied Inquiry, Teaching and Assessment Methods (3)   
EDU 6945 ARC Internship (4)   
Winter I  
EDU 6136 Content Area Methods (3)   
EDU 6139 Internship Seminar (3)   
EDU 6945 ARC Internship (5)   
Spring I  
EDRD 6530 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3)   
EDU 6133 Diversity in America (3)   
EDU 6945 ARC Internship (5)   
Educational Technology Cert Requirement  (can be taken any quarter)  
EDTC 6XXX  (3)    
Summer II  
EDU 6526 Survey of Instructional Strategies (3)*   

Program Schedule

The ARC-Online-QSI program begins Summer 2014.

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