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Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in
Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM)



The MAM-SSM degree at SPU is an innovative, 45-credit curriculum delivered in a 1-year intensive format. The program consists of five integrated modules organized around the business decision-making process.

  • Introduction to Social and Sustainable Environments
  • Analyzing Business Environments
  • Designing Social and Sustainable Business
  • Operating Business Responsibly
  • Business Evaluation and Renewal

Students learn through a mix of classroom and online learning; hands-on, real-world problem-solving, cases, and connections with business and social enterprise community partners; team and independent projects; a study abroad experience; and a cooperative learning/internship experience.

Program Structure

The curriculum is a tapestry that re-mixes traditional graduate classes into modules with topics distributed across the program according to the themes of the modules. Issues of social, sustainable, and responsible business are interlaced with the topics. All of these topics are explored and interconnected through a series of integrating problems, cases, and projects.

MASSM Program Structure PDF


View a summary of the MAM-SSM curriculum.

Schedule and Timeline

Early Decision applications for the MAM-SSM program are due by January 15.  (Those enrolling out of the Early Decision wave will be eligible for the scholarship pool.)  The admission process remains open until classes begin unless the cohort fills earlier. View Admission Information.

The MAM-SSM program is an intensive immersion experience designed to be completed in 1-year and requires a full-time commitment to the program, starting in the summer and finishing in the spring. It cannot be completed as a part-time student.

    •  Summer
        •   Opening session (mid-June)
        •   Independent learning (June-August)
        •   Take up residence in Seattle (August)
        •   Summer intensive (late-August)
    •  Fall term (September-November)
        •   Study abroad (December)
    •  Winter term (January-March)
    •  Spring term (March-June)
        •   Graduation (mid-June)

The program begins with an opening session in mid-June.  Students study independently until mid-August.  From that point until graduation the next June, students are in residency in Seattle.

Program Contact

Vicki Eveland

Program Director, MAM-SSM

Phone: 206-281-2088
Office: McKenna Hall 211



An innovative 1-year graduate business degree.

Gary Karns
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MAM-SSM: Our Unique Approach to Learning

It's more like the workplace than a classroom. You'll take part in solving real-life business problems.

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“I have been so incredibly impressed with the job candidates we've interviewed from SPU. We were especially impressed with the MASSM graduate we hired. ... I can only believe that this positive impression he created here has something to do with the great graduate program you are developing and perfecting at SPU.”
Heather Zindel, President
Bloom Consulting Group Inc.