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Meet the Director: John Terrill

At Seattle Pacific University’s Center for Integrity in Business, we work alongside those in the academic, business, and church communities to re-imagine the role of business during a time of unprecedented change. It’s an exciting time to see these three worlds come together to see how faith impacts the way we live and create in the marketplace.

Together we’re reframing and elevating the purpose for business as it is taught and modeled to students. We’re convinced that “good” business can change you and change the world. And as business serves communities well, long-term financial health and profits have ample opportunity to follow.

Ultimately we believe work can be pursued as a calling, a ministry, and a mission … even an act of gratitude and offering to God. As we acknowledge God in our work, we recognize and join the grander narrative of creation and redemption.

This is the work and calling of the CIB, through seminars and workshops, through teaching and consulting, or through special events and encouragement from Christians in the business world.

We’re glad to have you join us.

John Terrill
Director, Center for Integrity in Business

John Terrill

John Terrill at a Glance

Before becoming director of the Center for Integrity in Business, John Terrill served as the first national director for Professional Schools Ministries with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

CIB Leadership

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