Admission to the USCH Program

As a four-year, sequenced course of study, the University Scholars program is open only to those entering SPU as first-year students. Entrance to the program is based upon academic potential, writing ability, and interest.

After you have been accepted to SPU, you are eligible to respond to an invitation to join University Scholars.

A limited number of high school seniors will be invited to apply to enter the program based on grade-point average and college-entrance exam scores. Having proved themselves after a quarter at SPU, however, first-year students with lower test scores who are highly motivated or who are gifted in a particular field are also encouraged to apply at the end of Autumn Quarter. Space in the program is limited to 40 students a year.

Online application form

You must be accepted into the University in order to receive an invitation to join the University Scholars program. Once you have received an invitation, you are encouraged to complete the application, which consists of three parts:

  1. The cover sheet (see below).
  2. A letter explaining why you want to enter the program and why you think you will succeed in it.
  3. A writing sample. The writing sample should be a 4-6 page essay, preferably from one of your high school courses, demonstrating your ability to write at a college level.

Cover sheet:

University Scholars Program Application Form

Street Address:
Zip Code:
High School:
        High School size:
Current HS GPA:
AP or IB Courses:

                                       SAT Scores:
      Critical Reading:

      Math and Critical

Reading Scores:

                    SAT Composite (all 3):

                                       ACT Scores:
          Science Reasoning:
                   ACT Composite (all 5):

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