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U Scholars has helped me to develop my intellectual skills in the sense that it helped me to see how a thinking person could also be a person of a tremendous faith in God. I think that even in Christian circles there exists a stigma that the two must be separate but I have learned that this is not the case.

Bri Clark, ASSP President, Class of 2004

Thank goodness for amazing professors, interesting, challenging course content, and the honors project. The Scholars program will require more effort than the common curriculum, but I will say without hesitation that it's worth it.

Marla, Class of 2005



It was the other University Scholars who really made the experience. I appreciated our class times of sharing, the exciting group projects, and the understanding friendships. The encouragement from all the professors for us to draw closer to each other and get to know each other better was appreciated and helpful. First quarter freshman year, a group of us began a weekly accountability and sharing time. We even took a retreat to my house. These times continued throughout the first few years and were a great support.

James, Class of 2008


I stayed at SPU for UScholars and the professors. Without exception, they cared for my mind, soul, and well-being in a way that has truly been transformative. I feel that most of my growing up in college took place in the classrooms and offices of the USCH professors, and for this I am incredibly grateful.

Alyssa, Class of 2008


I would do it over again, because it offered more challenging classes that furthered my academic skills. Because of UScholars, my writing skills are better than what they would be like had I done the general track. Also, some classes were extremely valuable and the honors project was a true joy.

Brent, Class of 2009


I LOVE THE USCH FACULTY!!! It is so obvious that we get the best professors teaching the subjects they love in this program, and I think this is maybe the strongest component of the program.

Georgie, Class of 2009


Without USCH I would not have been exposed to the wide array of brilliant, influential profs from all departments. This is probably the best aspect of the program for me. Also, being able to weather these past four years with the same class has been such a blessing!

Tyler, Class of 2010


It was a great way to challenge myself, and I was pushed to think about life issues in a much deeper and more thorough way than I think I would have in normal classes. I’m thinking specifically of the Faith and Science classes – they were very candid explorations of some difficult but important issues.

Zach, Class of 2010


I read great works that I had always wanted to read, but would never have on my own. My understanding of Christianity and the real facts of science, specifically evolution, were explored in an honest, informative manner, and I grew immensely in my faith. In the end, it has been a wonderful and truly formative experience.

Leigh, Class of 2010



U Scholars was the best choice I made regarding my time at SPU. No other class, major, etc., has so aptly taught me to think critically, listen to others, value while critiquing other’s views, value teamwork, interact well with professors, trust my own intellect, love interdisciplinary work and truly wrestle with important questions.

James, Class of 2011

When I tell people about my academic experience at SPU, U Scholars is the first thing I mention. I also recommend it to any incoming freshman, if for the sole reason that it teaches you how to write.

Sarah, Class of 2011

I loved the classes of the all the U Scholars profs, but what I would do it over again for is the community. Keeping us all together for four years made it a fabulous learning environment – and now most of my best friends are U Scholars.

Alex, Class of 2011

U Scholars are the main reason I stayed at SPU.

Lorrie, Class of 2011


If I had to repeat my undergrad experience, I would choose the UScholars program in a heartbeat. This program was by far the best part of my time here at SPU, and all the friends I have made I would never trade for anything. Even though at times the classes and projects made my life difficult, the overall experience, and the friends I made, are probably the best part of my experience at SPU.

Megan, Class of 2012

It was the best supplement to my science degree that I can imagine!

Melissa, Class of 2012

It's been a wonderful complement to engineering classes for a "well-rounded" education. And it definitely improved my writing. Great profs, great classmates, great fun! University Scholars challenged my beliefs and thinking processes to my benefit.

Whitney, Class of 2012

I have made incredible friends through this program. I've been challenged intellectually by excellent professors, and I have grown in my writing and critical thinking skills. Thank you for offering this program!

David, Class of 2012

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For more information about the University Scholars program, refer to the University Undergraduate Catalog. You may also contact Jeffrey Keuss, Director of University Scholars, at or 206-281-2442.