Honors Projects
Life as a UScholar


University Scholars is an honors program for academically gifted students who seek a rigorous liberal arts education that encourages the development of a Christian mind and life. Its mission is to challenge the very best of our students to live out their faith within the academic and social arenas.

As a University Scholar, you'll participate in a historically based “great works” sequence of courses, which replaces the Common Curriculum and Exploratory Curriculum for your general education requirement.

You'll gain a challenging overview of Western civilization and its impact upon the Western church and the non-Western world. As a senior, you will complete an Honors Project that represents advanced work in your major and engages in reflection on faith and learning.

The goal of the program is to create a learning community of self-motivated scholars engaged in thoughtful cross-disciplinary conversation, writing and action on issues facing the church and the world.

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