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Business & Economics Department Faculty
Anderson, David.  Associate Professor of Management;  B.A. Wheaton College 1975;  Juris Doctorate George Washington University 1979;  Master of Bus Administration University of Michigan 1981;  Doctor of Education Harvard University 1987;  Master of Science Northwestern University 1992;  At SPU since 2013. (Contact Info)
Baker, Bruce.  Assistant Professor of Business Ethics;  B.S. California Institute of Techno 1978;  Master of Bus Administration Stanford University 1981;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 2001;  Doctor of Philosophy University of State Andrews 2010;  At SPU since 2010. (Contact Info)
Daniels, Denise.  Professor of Management; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies;  B.A. Wheaton College 1991;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 1997;  At SPU since 1996. (Contact Info)
Deming, Jon.  Associate Professor of Economics;  B.A. Whitman College 1971;  Master of Arts University of Oregon 1974;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Oregon 1979;  At SPU since 1977. (Contact Info)
Downing, Doug.  Associate Professor of Economics;  B.S. Yale University 1979;  Master of Arts Yale University 1982;  Doctor of Philosophy Yale University 1987;  At SPU since 1983. (Contact Info)
Erisman, Al.  Executive in Residence;  B.S. Northern Illinois University 1962;  Master of Science Iowa State University 1967;  Doctor of Philosophy Iowa State University 1969;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Eveland, Vicki.  Assistant Professor of Marketing; Director of MA-Social & Sustainable Management;  Bachelor of Business Admin Mississippi State University 1982;  Master of Bus Administration Mississippi State University 1983;  Doctor of Business Admin Mississippi State University 1988;  At SPU since 2011. (Contact Info)
Franz, Randy.  Associate Professor of Management; Joseph C. Hope Professor of Leadership & Ethics;  B.A. California State University Sa 1982;  Master of Arts Stanford University 1988;  Doctor of Philosophy Stanford University 1991;  At SPU since 1991. (Contact Info)
Hess, Dan.  Professor of Finance;  B.A. Wheaton College 1971;  Master of Bus Administration University of Washington 1975;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Arizona 1982;  At SPU since 1977. (Contact Info)
Karns, Gary.  Professor of Marketing; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies; Graduate Director;  Master of Bus Administration University of Oklahoma 1977;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 1987;  At SPU since 1979. (Contact Info)
Kauppila, Bill.  Executive in Residence;  B.S. Northern Michigan University 1967;  Master of Bus Administration Western Michigan University 1968;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Kierulff, Herb.  Donald Snellman Professor of Entrepreneurship & Finance;  B.A. Stanford University 1959;  Master of Bus Administration University of Southern Califor 1964;  Doctor of Business Admin University of Southern Califor 1967;  At SPU since 1980. (Contact Info)
LaBrie, Ryan.  Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems;  B.S. Seattle Pacific University 1993;  Master of Science Seattle Pacific University 1997;  Doctor of Philosophy Arizona State University 2004;  At SPU since 2004. (Contact Info)
Lee, Don.  Assistant Professor of Management;  B.A. Seoul National University 2002;  Master of Arts Seoul National University 2004;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Pittsburgh 2010;  At SPU since 2010. (Contact Info)
Mason, Geri.  Assistant Professor of Economics;  B.A. Whitworth University 2002;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Hawaii at Manoa 2010;  Master of Arts University of Hawaii at Manoa 2010;  At SPU since 2010. (Contact Info)
Poznanska, Joanna.  Professor of International Business;  Master of Arts University of Warsaw 1970;  Doctor of Philosophy Warsaw University of Technology 1976;  At SPU since 1988. (Contact Info)
Rand, Jim.  Executive in Residence;  B.S. Marquette University 1963;  Bachelor of Laws La Salle Extension University 1972;  At SPU since 1993. (Contact Info)
Sawers, Kim.  Associate Professor of Accounting;  B.S. Southern Oregon University 1985;  Master of Bus Administration Seattle Pacific University 1994;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Washington 2002;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Schlee, Regina.  Professor of Marketing;  B.A. University of Nevada: Las Vega 1976;  Master of Arts Washington State University 1978;  Doctor of Philosophy Washington State University 1981;  At SPU since 1984. (Contact Info)
Steinke, Gerhard.  Professor of Management & Information Systems;  B.S. University of Alberta 1975;  Master of Bus Administration Ball State University 1984;  Master of Divinity Anderson University 1985;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Passau 1992;  At SPU since 1992. (Contact Info)
Stewart, Ross.  Professor of Accounting;  B.Com. University of Auckland 1977;  M.Com. University of Auckland 1979;  Master of Science Regent College 1983;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Glasgow 1987;  At SPU since 1986. (Contact Info)
Williams, Joseph.  Dean, School of Business and Economics;  B.A. University of California Berke 1978;  Master of Arts University of Wisconsin-Madiso 1980;  Master of Bus Administration University of Texas at Austin 1982;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Texas at Austin 1987;  At SPU since 2013. (Contact Info)
Wong, Kenman.  Professor of Business Ethics;  B.S. Biola University 1986;  Master of Bus Administration University of Washington 1987;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Southern Califor 1996;  At SPU since 1997. (Contact Info)

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