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Theology Department Faculty
Bantum, Brian.  Assistant Professor of Theology;  B.A. Houghton College 1999;  Master of Theology Duke University 2002;  Doctor of Philosophy Duke University 2009;  At SPU since 2009. (Contact Info)
Castelo, Daniel.  Department Chair of Theological Studies / Associate Professor of Theology;  B.A. Lee University 1998;  Master of Divinity Church of God Theological Semi 2000;  Doctor of Philosophy Duke University 2005;  At SPU since 2007. (Contact Info)
Dearborn, Kerry.  Professor of Theology;  B.A. Whitman College 1972;  Master of Arts Fuller Theological Seminary 1988;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Aberdeen 1994;  At SPU since 1997. (Contact Info)
Drovdahl, Bob.  Professor of Educational Ministry;  B.A. Seattle Pacific University 1971;  Master of Arts Wheaton College 1974;  Doctor of Philosophy Michigan State University 1980;  At SPU since 1978. (Contact Info)
Johnson Leese, J.J..  Instructor of Christian Scripture;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 1995;  Master of Sacred Theology Concordia Seminary 2002;  At SPU since 2012. (Contact Info)
Keuss, Jeff.  Professor of Christian Ministry, Theology and Culture; Director of University Scholars;  B.A. Seattle Pacific University 1987;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 1995;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Glasgow 2000;  At SPU since 2005. (Contact Info)
Koenig, Sara.  Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies;  B.A. Seattle Pacific University 1995;  Master of Divinity Princeton Theological Sem 1999;  Doctor of Philosophy Princeton Theological Sem 2007;  At SPU since 2003. (Contact Info)
Koskela, Doug.  Associate Professor of Theology; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies;  B.A. Seattle Pacific University 1995;  Master of Divinity Duke University 1998;  Doctor of Philosophy Southern Methodist University 2003;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Langford, Mike.  Assistant Professor of Theology, Discipleship and Ministry;  B.S. Stanford University 1993;  Master of Divinity Princeton Theological Sem 2001;  Doctor of Philosophy Princeton Theological Sem 2010;  At SPU since 2008. (Contact Info)
Leong, David.  Assistant Professor of Missional Theology;  B.A. University of Washington 2001;  Master of Christian Ministries Regent College 2005;  Doctor of Philosophy Fuller Theological Seminary 2010;  At SPU since 2008. (Contact Info)
Levison, Jack.  Professor of New Testament;  B.A. Wheaton College 1978;  B.A. Cambridge College MA 1980;  Master of Arts Cambridge College MA 1983;  Doctor of Philosophy Duke University 1985;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Lim, Bo.  Associate Professor of Old Testament;  B.A. University of California Los A 1995;  Master of Divinity Trinity International Universi 1999;  Doctor of Philosophy Trinity International Universi 2006;  At SPU since 2006. (Contact Info)
Nienhuis, David.  Department Chair of Christian Scriptures / Associate Professor of New Testament Studies;  B.A. Seattle Pacific University 1990;  Master of Divinity Duke University 1996;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Aberdeen 2005;  At SPU since 1999. (Contact Info)
Pope-Levison, Priscilla.  Professor of Theology;  B.Mus. DePauw University 1980;  Master of Divinity Duke University 1983;  Doctor of Philosophy University of State Andrews 1989;  At SPU since 2001. (Contact Info)
Salter McNeil, Brenda.  Associate Professor of Reconciliation Studies;  B.S. Rutgers University 1977;  Master of Divinity Fuller Theological Seminary 1984;  Doctor of Ministry Palmer Theological Seminary 2000;  At SPU since 2011. (Contact Info)
Smyth, Ed.  Department Chair of Ministry & Practical Theology / Professor of Educational Ministry;  B.A. Taylor University Ft Wayne 1968;  M.R.E. Gordon-Conwell Theological Sem 1972;  Doctor of Education Boston University 1978;  At SPU since 1975. (Contact Info)
Spina, Frank.  Professor of Old Testament;  B.A. Greenville College 1965;  Master of Divinity Asbury College 1968;  Master of Arts University of Michigan 1970;  Doctor of Philosophy University of Michigan 1977;  At SPU since 1973. (Contact Info)
Steele, Rick.  Professor of Moral and Historical Theology; Associate Dean, Graduate Studies;  B.A. Haverford College 1974;  Master of Divinity Yale University 1978;  Doctor of Philosophy Marquette University 1990;  At SPU since 1995. (Contact Info)
Strong, Doug.  Dean, School of Theology;  B.A. Houghton College 1978;  Master of Divinity Princeton Theological Sem 1981;  Doctor of Philosophy Princeton Theological Sem 1990;  At SPU since 2007. (Contact Info)
Sweat, Laura.  Assistant Professor of New Testament;  B.A. University of North Carolina a 2002;  Master of Divinity Princeton Theological Sem 2005;  Doctor of Philosophy Princeton Theological Sem 2011;  At SPU since 2010. (Contact Info)
Wall, Rob.  Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies;  B.A. Valparaiso University 1969;  Master of Theology Dallas Theological Seminary 1973;  Doctor of Theology Dallas Theological Seminary 1979;  At SPU since 1978. (Contact Info)
Watson, Kevin.  Assistant Professor of Historical Theology and Wesleyan Studies;  B.A. University of Oklahoma 2002;  Master of Divinity Wesley Theological Seminary 2005;  Doctor of Philosophy Southern Methodist University 2012;  At SPU since 2011. (Contact Info)

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