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SPU maintains a subscription for certain Microsoft products via a Micosoft Campus License Agreement.

The software provided limits users in the following ways:

  • You must be a current SPU Student (registered & seeking a degree) or Employee
  • You may install software on a personal primary and personal secondary computer
  • You may not redistribute, sell, or give away software

Software is available in the following two methods:

  • Microsoft Office (Windows or Mac) is available free from the SPU Download Center.
  • Windows OS and Microsoft Office are available in disk form at the HelpDesk for $15.00 cash or debit/credit card only (disks are not replaceable).

Antivirus Software
All computers used on campus are required to have Antivirus Software insatlled. If you need software view our Antivirus Software page.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 is the most recent release of the Microsoft Office Suite. This version includes Lync. Remove previous versions or trial versions prior to installation.
Microsoft Office Mac 2011 Standard
Office 2011 for Macintosh includes Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. Previous versions, including trial copies, must be removed before installation.
Microsoft Windows 7
Windows 7 Ultimate is the most complete edition of Windows 7. With all of the built in features in Ultimate, users have the ability to smoothly shift between play and productivity. We recommend that users do a clean install on a computer that meets the minimum specifications required by Microsoft.
Microsoft Windows 8
Windows 8 Ultimate/Enterprise is the most complete edition of Windows 8. It is primarily designed for a device with a touch-interface and users will have the best experience when using this Operating System on a touch-interface. We recommend that users do a clean install on a computer that meets the minimum specifications required by Microsoft.
Common Problems:

When new versions are released it may take several weeks before official Microsoft media is available for resale or download.

Visual Studio
This software is available at Microsoft's DreamSpark site. This software is free to use and is available for students for educational purposes.

Remove duplicate or trial versions
Prior to trying to install the SPU licensed versions remove currently installed versions. We recommend that you perform a clean install of any Windows Operating System when installing the SPU licensed versions.

The DVD versions of these products have an activation code that must be used as part of the installation process. You are allowed to install the software on up to two, personally owned and used computers. At times it may be necessary to reformat your hard-drive or purchase a new computer that will require a new activation code. You must contact Microsoft Technical Support at 1-888-571-2048 for assistance with the product activation codes.

After installing any of these new products it is recommended that you immediately go to the Microsoft Update Site to make sure all of the patches and updates are installed.

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Last Updated: 9/11/2013