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Computer and Information Security at SPU
Protecting the network and its users from viruses and malicious activity is an on-going process on the part of both CIS and each user of the network. Security affects us all: our privacy and our ability to use the network as we want. Effective security involves both sound technology and user awareness and education.

Core Network Services and Servers
SPU deploys many measures to minimize security risks to date, including keeping core servers up-to-date with the latest security software, maintaining firewalls at key locations within the network, and actively monitoring systems and usage for abuse and/or malicious behavior.

Desktop and Laptop Computers - It's All About System"Health"
For University-owned systems, device health requirements are enforced through Active Directory group policy.

For personal devices, security is in the hands of each user. Personal systems should be:

  • current with all operating system updates;
  • running an active anti virus program;
  • periodically scanning for and removing spyware; and
  • using a local desktop firewall.

Please see the Help section on "Connecting Personal Devices" for more informaiton.

Individual Responsibilities and Good Habits - It's All About YOU!
No matter how sound the technology, an uninformed or careless user can mess things up for everyone. Please, do your part to be informed and educated. The "How to" section below provides some important suggestions for our user community; and the "See Also" section has links to additional security awareness and education sites we think you'll find of interest.

Report a Problem or concern
Compromises in informational security (both validated and suspected) should be immediately reported to the CIS HelpDesk.

Please Note: Under no circumstances will CIS staff ever ask for your passwords - no security-conscious business will. Never disclose your passwords to anyone.

How To:

Security Education

Here are some SPU specific briefings you may find of interest:

See Also:

These are external sites with a lot of good security stuff:

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